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  NESHOBA COUNTY RECORDS, on file in the Department of Archives and History.
The entries are arranged alphabetically by office followed by series of records and dates. For convenience, all records concerning the disposition of estates are listed under the Probate Court. Records created by the state of Mississippi or the United States government are usually listed under Miscellaneous. These include federal census and land records and the state Board of Health. All records are on microfilm.
Established in 1833 from the Choctaw Cession of 1830
Chancery Clerk
Deed record, 1835-1888; index, 1835-1892
Tract book of original entries, 1835-1890
Chancery Court
Court record, 1859-1905
Minutes, 1857-1905
Circuit Clerk
Marriage record, 1877-1918; index, 1877-1972
Probate Court
Court record, 1860-1863, 1866-1890
Will record, 1837-1947

  Roots of Struggle - Neshoba County/Philadelphia, Mississippi
  Updated website
04/16/2012 Church Listing updated and updated certain cemeteries.
04/09/2012 In 2012 we will perform updates of the web site, adding additional photos and records. We will be seeking more images and records and email comments.
09/17/2009 Added additional submitted photo's to photo gallery
09/17/2009 Added probate records and probate records regarding Noah Sherrod and updated Noah Sherrod first family page
08/26/2009 Added Google book search regarding Neshoba county.
Submitted By: Joan Agent Warren
06/24/2009 Unknown photos of Pilgrim family of Neshoba County‏
2009 Added additional photos of North Bend Methodist Church cemetery
2009 Added updated cemetery entries
2008 Added additional photos
2008 Added updated cemetery entries
12/31/2007 Added Court Cases 1843-1903
11/30/2007 Added New Photo Gallery Page, with Images submitted by Milton Jenkins
11/11/2006 Additions to Cedarlawn Cemetery with photos, Surveyed by: Grayson Mars Miller, August 2006
06/26/2006 Additions to the Herbert Cemetery, sent by Sandra Everett .
06/06/2006 Additional entries by: Laurie Homan for Springhill Cemetery
06/06/2006 Additional entries by: Laurie Homan for Bloomfield Cemetery
06/06/2006 Additional entries by: Laurie Homan for Cedar Lawn Cemetery
04/08/2006 Additional entries and images By: Judy Latimer McCampbell
Cook's Chapel Cemetery
03/11/2006 Additional entries By: G. Davidson regarding
Neshoba Oak Grove Cemetery
Feb 8, 2006 Additional images from F. Bates pertaining to Hester Cemetery
12/17/2005 Images sent by F. Bates regarding Hester Cemetery
09/20/2005 Saint Mark Cemetery [Adding selected Photographs]
08/22/2005 Saint Mark Cemetery
04/17/2005 Newspaper Holdings Housed at the Mississippi Department of Archives for Neshoba County, Mississippi
04/17/2005 Noah Sherrod of Neshoba County, Mississippi
Neshoba County First Families
04/17/2005 U.S. Department of the Interior || U.S. Geological Survey Neshoba County Cemetery list.
March 26, 2005 Additional submissions by Milton Jenkins,

A picture of the Pine Grove Church and their fellowship hall, added to the history of Pine Grove submitted by David Bryan.
Milton Jenkins also submitted headstones for entering in the cemetery of Pine Grove:
Pullin, Hubert E. 1907--1998, Husband of Bertie Matthews
Mathews, Bertie 1905--1990, Wife of Hubert E, Pullin
Another entrée for the cemetery of Pine Grove. Picture of the Headstone will de added:
Pullin, Judy Jeanette Jenkins Nov 4, 1944--March 16, 2005 Wife of David Boyd Pullin


Additional submissions for the cemetery of Mclain Chapel, with a photograph of the headstones for:]

Eakes, William C. (Son) 2 Mar 1908--25 Aug 2004

McLain, Irene Mae 8 June 1926--30 July 2004 Wife of John Francis McLain

Roberts, Bertha E. Sept. 27, 1914 - Dec 30, 2003 (Mama)

Stovall, Newell Austin 20 Nov 1939--27 Jan 2005

February 26, 2005 Cooksey Cemetery, located in Neshoba County, has been awarded a Certificate of Historical Significance by the Board of Trustees of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, on January 28, 2005.

To review this information go to the Cooksey Cemetery page. Submitted by Carole Cantrell-Hodges.  Carole Cantrell-Hodges has indicated that she will submit information regarding the location to the cemetery and a listing of the burials as soon as possible.

February 26, 2005 Information submitted by Cristie Howell Regarding her Submission for Pine Grove Cemetery.
In memory of Sandra Gail Adkins
September 15, 1953-December 20, 2004
February 5, 2005 Lynn Pearson submitted Marriage information regarding her GGGrandparents, reflecting the marriage of John Preston Morris and Emily Caroline Boydston, in August 1857.
Jan 5, 2004 Patsy Donald submitted many more names to the Cedar Lawn Cemetery List and to Cooks Chapel Cemetery list. Thanks Patsy!
Mar 17, 1004 Milton & Sandra Jenkins sent in pictures of Mt. Nelson Baptist Church & Cemetery. Thanks, Milton. Also, Ann Allen Geoghegan sent in some names of some Civil War soldiers, thanks to you too, Ann! Carol Shrader let me put a link to her website that has quite a few Neshoba Cemeteries on it. Thanks to Carol for all of her work, too!




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