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Marriage Records

To the left are the Marriage Records I have online. If you have any records to add, please email me. I will add your marriage records to the Submitted Marriages pages. The information on line was given to me by the Neshoba Court House. The pages were listed as "White, Colored and Indian". I did not change the way the information was listed. I did not attempt to correct any misspelled names. I do not have copies of these records. If you would like to have a copy, see the information on the right.

Please also note that these dates reflect the actual date the Marriage License was obtained and do not reflect the actual date of Marriage.


Submitted Marriages


Mississippi Marriage Records

Marriage Licenses, Blood Tests, and Marriage Records

 A blood test is required before you can receive a marriage license. To find out more, read our Marriage License and Blood Testing page.

  • Order by mail: mail the form below with a check or money order to us. (Marriage records are available for January 1, 1926 to June 30, 1938, and for January 1, 1942 to present.)
    Marriage record application form
  • Order online from a private vital records service using a credit card.
    Order on-line
  • Order by phone from a private vital records service, using a credit card. Call 601-576-7981.
  • Come in person to our Jackson Office at 571 Stadium Drive and pay by cash, check, or money order. The record will be mailed within 7 - 10 business days of ordering.

 Contact the Circuit Clerk in the county the marriage license was issued.



To order copies of Marriage Records

Copies of these records from 1877 forward can be ordered from the Neshoba Library.They have microfilmed all of the original documents.

"The Neshoba County Public Library is not presently processing requests for copies of records. The library is in the process of renovation. All materials are packed or
covered. Please contact us again in three months and we will be glad to fill your request."  - July 2003

Please send:
1. A self-addressed envelope with proper postage to: 

Neshoba (Philadelphia) Co. Public Library
230 Beacon Street
Philadelphia, MS   39350
Phone (601) 656 - 4911

2. $5.00 per marriage record (usually 2 shots on the reader/printer however on occasion there are other supporting documents which will be searched for and copied at no additional cost.

Neshoba Marriage Index by Yates


Stribling Brides


Arranged by Bride 1877-1920

To the left, you will find the links to marriage records of Neshoba County arranged by Bride. If you have marriage records you would like to submit, please email LeFloris.

Bride A
Brides B
Brides C
Brides D
Brides E
Brides F
Brides G
Brides H
Brides I
Brides J
Brides K
Brides L
Brides M
Brides N
Brides O
Brides P
Brides Q-R
Brides S
Brides T
Brides U-V
Brides W
Brides Y-Z


Colored Marriages 1877-1920

You will find the links to the Colored Marriages on the left. If you would like to submit your ancestor's marriage, please email Webmaster. ("Colored" is how the index in the courthouse was labeled - not my label.) 




White Marriages 1877-1920

You will find the links to the White Marriages on the left. If you would like to submit your ancestor's marriage, please email me.

White A
White B
White C
White D
White E
White F
White G
White H
White I
White J
White K
White L
White M
White Mc
White N
White O
White P-Q
White R
White S
White T
White U-V
White W
White Y-Z


Indian Marriages 1877-1920





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