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Submitting Cemetery Information


Cemetery Inscriptions


Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery, Post
Arlington Baptist Church Cemetery
Backston Cemetery, Pearl River
Barrett Cemetery (historical), Edinburg
Beech Springs Cemetery, Union West
Bethany Cemetery, Edinburg
Bethlehem Cemetery
Bethsaida Baptist Church Cemetery, Deemer
Black Jack Cemetery, Pearl River
Blocker Family Cemetery
Bloomfield Cemetery, Deemer
Boyd Cemetery, Deemer
Camp Ground Cemetery, Union West
Carolina Presbyterian Cemetery, Madden
Cedarlawn Cemetery, Philadelphia
Center Hill Cemetery, Deemer
Coldwater Baptist Church, Hwy 20 South
Cole Cemetery, Owl Creek
Cook's Chapel Cemetery
Cooks Cemetery, Owl Creek
Cooksey Cemetery
County Line Cemetery, Union East
Coy Cemetery, Vernon
Cross Roads Cemetery, Union East
Dixon Cemetery, Dixon
Donald Rest Cemetery, Philadelphia
Fairview Church, Hwy 20 South
Fellowship Baptist Church, Hwy 20 South
Froglevel Cemetery
Golden Grove Cemetery, Deemer
Good Hope Cemetery, McDonald
Harmony Cemetery, Edinburg
Harper Cemetery, Deemer
Hembree Cemetery, Pearl River
Henry's Chapel Cemetery, Pearl River
Herbert Cemetery, House
Hester Cemetery
Hester's Chapel Cemetery, House
Holy Cross Cemetery, Philadelphia
Hope Cemetery, McDonald
Hopewell Cemetery, Philadelphia
House Cemetery, House
Howle Cemetery, McDonald
Jones Family Cemetery, Philadelphia
Killen Family Cemetery, McDonald
Laurel Hill Cemetery, Madden
Lee Cemetery, Plattsburg
Linwood Cemetery
Long Cemetery, Owl Creek
Lunn Cemetery, Plattsburg
Macedonia United Pentecostal Cemetery
Mars Hill Cemetery, House
Marwood Cemetery, McDonald
McCullough Cemetery, Deemer
McDonald Cemetery, House
McLain Chapel Cemetery, east Neshoba, south of highway 16
McNeill Cemetery, Pearl River
Milldale Cemetery, Sebastopol
Molpus Cemetery, Owl Creek
Moore Cemetery, House
Morrow Memorial Cemetery, Dixon
Mount Ary Cemetery, Stallo
Mount Ary Cemetery (Old), Stallo
Mount Bethany Cemetery, Madden
Mount Carmel Cemetery, McDonald
Mount Nelson Cemetery, Owl Creek
Mount Olive Baptist Cemetery
Mount Olive Cemetery, Post
Mount Pisgah United Methodist Cemetery, Noxapater/Pattsburg
Mount Sinai Cemetery, McDonald
Mount Talley Cemetery, Plattsburg/Stallo
Musgrove Cemetery
Neshoba Cemetery, Union West
New Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery
New Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery
North Bend Cemetery, Owl Creek
Northbend Pentecostal Cemetery
Oak Grove Baptist Cemetery, Pearl River
Ocobla Cemetery, Philadelphia
Old Herbert Cemetery, House
Old Pearl Valley Cemetery, Pearl River
Pearl Valley Cemetery, Pearl River
Philadelphia Cemetery, Philadelphia
Phillips Cemetery, Owl Creek
Pilgrim's Rest or Campground Cemetery, Owl Creek
Pine Grove Cemetery, Union East
Pine Grove Church of God Cemetery, Dixon
Pope Cemetery, Noxapater/Plattsburg
Rattle Trap Cemetery, Four Corners
Rock Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
Roundtree Cemetery, Owl Creek
Saint Mark Cemetery, Stallo
Salem Cemetery, Burnside
Sand Hill Baptist Church Cemetery, Plattsburg
Sandtown Cemetery, Philadelphia
Scitz Cemetery, McDonald
Shackleford Cemetery, Madden
Sherrod Family Cemetery, Stallo
Snow Cemetery, Stallo
Spring Creek Baptist Cemetery, Philadelphia
Spring Creek Baptist Cemetery, Philadelphia [
USGenWeb Archives]
Spring Hill Cemetery, Deemer
Sullivan Cemetery, Four Corners
Thompson Cemetery, Plattsburg
Viverett Cemetery, Union East
Warren Cemetery, Plattsburg
Wheatfield Congregational Methodist Cemetery
White Oak Cemetery, Edinburg
Wilson Cemetery, House
Yates Cemetery, Plattsburg
Zion Hill Cemetery, Plattsburg

Cemeteries ... Additional information

Below you will find a list of cemeteries in Neshoba County, MS. To the left you will find links to information on cemeteries I currently have online. If you have additional information on any of these cemeteries, such as directions, history, photos or burials, please let me know.

Carol Shrader has a great website that has directions to many local cemeteries. The address is: http://www.carolshouse.com. She also has pictures of tombstones in the following cemeteries: Mt. Zion, Beech Springs, Old Carolina, Dixon Primitive Baptist, Mt. Carmel, Good Hope, Pine Grove Church of God, Wheatfield


Neshoba County MS Cemeteries book

I have a book OUR LINKS TO THE PAST 1833-1996 CEMETERIES OF NESHOBA COUNTY MS.  I am willing to do look-ups for people if they will give me as much information as they can on the person they are looking for who might be buried in Neshoba county MS 1833-1996; I cannot send them ALL the names of just one or more surnames. I do not have pictures, just lists and approximate locations of the cemeteries.
Janet Deans




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