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Submitted Birth Records

Births ...

Mississippi State registration of births and deaths began in November 1912. General compliance from all counties was not reached until 1921. If you have ancestors that were born in Neshoba County prior to 1900, you may submit them to LeFloris for inclusion on the "Submitted Birth Records" page. As always, this information is submitted by contributors, use this information ONLY as a basis for your research. Check out how to compute birth dates from cemetery inscriptions on "Computing Dates."

Computing Birth From Tombstone Inscription Dates ...

You can try the formula below by Shirley Scott or you can go to Obituary Central's Birthday Calculator to figure out the date.

Computing Birth Dates
by Shirley A. Scott

You need to find the date of birth of your ancestor. The tombstone says they died at 71y, 7m, 9d on May 6, 1889. Follow these simple instructions for an accurate way to find their date of birth.

Using a calculator, enter date of death in numbers by year, month and then day. 1889 May 6 would be entered as 18890506.

Subtract the age of person found on a tombstone. 71 y, 7 m, 9 d would be entered as 710709. Subtract that from 18890506. You will get an answer of 18179797.

Subtract 8870 from 18179797 to correct the months and days. The answer will be 18170927.

Translate 18170927 back into year, month and day. You will have 1817 September 27 as the date of birth.

To order Birth Records ...

Records are available from:
Vital Records
State Board of Health
P. O. Box 1700
Jackson, MS 39215

To verify current fees call: 601-354-6606


Mississippi Death Certificates

Ordering Death Certificates

  • Order by mail. Mail the form below with a check or money order to us.
    Death Certificate application form
  • Order on-line from a private vital records service, using a credit card.
    Order on-line
  • Order by phone from a private vital records service using a credit card. Call 601-576-7981.
  • Come in person to our Jackson Office at 571 Stadium Drive and pay by cash, check or money order. The record will be mailed within 7 to 10 business days of ordering.
    Map & information




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